Internet marketing




Internet marketing is a process of attracting and keeping customer by means of internet. In performance internet marketing, you must determine your aim. First of all you must create your own website and pay more attention to the graphic and marketing aspect of your site for example phone number, address, company catalog , registration are some features that help you to could have better interact with customer or visitors.


Seo in internet marketing



Internet marketing tries different ways for gaining more income from virtual worldwide. One effective element for boosting internet market share is traffic. And seo is a response for receiving more traffic and visitors. Search engine can guide original traffic which is based on user necessity.  In the list bellow you can see internet marketing elements:

  • Web design
  • Seo
  • Social marketing
  • Banner advertisement
  • Per click
  • Content marketing


All these items play their role in order to guide visitors towards webpage. Some items have much proportion in increasing traffic and in contrary some have less. In among these items we can imply to seo as a most effective tactic for attracting visitors which most probably can lead to order a service or product. Actually we guide visitors that potentially can be mentioned as a customer for our business.