Web development




Web design and web development base on seo metrics and matched with search engines algorithm, is a desire for all businesses which perceive the prominent of seo. Web development is not the end of your effort for boosting your internet marketing. Cause then you pace at the start up spot for attracting more and more traffic toward your website.


Web design and seo



Web design and seo can start simultaneously and without any conflict in performance, can be handled. For matching seo metrics with web design you should clean your source code. Inline css is an example of error which shouldn’t be ignored during web designing procedure. Too many css files and js file lead to much time for loading web page which is in contrast to seo element that focuses on site speed. Pages url, is one of the basic factor that should be impressed by seo tactics. Matching url with topic of page is an essential item. In most cases, page url is the same as page topic to shows more relevant in the base of seo metrics which is analyzed by search engine.