4important meta tags in seo

 4important meta tags in seo

Meta tags are some part of seo process which deal as a principle part. Meta tags can be shown by coding. In the following we clarify 4 important meta tags which intensively impress the seo procedure.

Title meta tag in seo

The element which in a long term deliberate as a significant factor in web pages and seo procedure. Consider this point that the titles of pages in your web site should be related to your key words. By repeating your key works in all titles of web pages, you can announce much relation of your web site to search engines.

Meta description in seo

seo meta tag

When search engine users for their necessity type key words or phrases, they counter to list of web sites. Then they look at the title and also description of pages to be assure that they found appropriate page. In regards to this point, so you are as a web master must pay much attention about the words and sentences that you utilize in meta description.

Social network meta tags

Social network are a suitable space for sharing and publishing your post. Social network management performances as a professional section in some organization. You can share your social networks links and declare them to search engine by social network meta tags.

Key word meta tag in seo

Key words meta tag pronounce your key words to search engines. Although the importance and significant of key word meta tag is being demolished and no more by just using meta tag key word , google and others search engine can highlight the relation of your site to those key words.


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