pigeon-algorithm seo

Pigeon algorithm in seo

Pigeon algorithm in seo



Google pigeon algorithm known as a local search, impress location in seo and site optimization ranking. You must be noticed when you search a keyword in your country, find a different result when you connect to vpn and search by different ip. Actually Google local search algorithm ranks search result page by focusing on location in order to users’ satisfaction.


Tips in local search for seo



According to what explain in previous paragraph, you should prepare your site for local search and first of all, boost your ranking for search engine user in your country. In the following, series of items for showing your location, been listed:


Selecting server in seo

pigeon-algorithm seo

One item for recognition location is server and server ip. When your site is in the rage of ip for specific country, it can be a sign of your location and Google analyze this parameter.


Sites Language in seo


It’s obvious that the language of content published in your site, impress intensively in local search. For countries that have particular language, providing content is equal to showing your location to search engines.

Backlink in local search in seo


Another item for expressing location is backlink. Supporting backlink from sites in particular country can lead to reach higher search result rank on that country.


Put location in seo



By inserting your location such as country, city ,street , you get the chance to express your location to search engine. Write your address in footer which can be reinforced showing your location by repeating in all web pages.









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