Seo site and google algorithms

Seo site and google algorithms



Google algorithm determine the base and foundation of seo (search engine optimization) and also seo tactics. Google algorithm is going to be update continuously. Panda , Penguin , Hummingbird , Pigeon are some of google algorithm witch adjusting seo metrics.

Seo and panda algorithm

seo panda google algorithm


Panda algorithm in seo issue, point to the importance and quality of content. The content that you provide for your web site shouldn’t be copy of the other sites. And also content should be provide in regard of seo principles. Main topic , internal topic , h1, h2,h3.. tags , and so on are the list of items that exerted in google panda algorithm.

Hummingbird algorithm in seo

seo Hummingbird google algorithm

Hummingbird algorithm in seo issue, focus on advertising and banners. Some of advertising sites perform in numerous advertising banners and external back links. The action that Hummingbird algorithm exert is to penalize this sites.

Pigeon algorithm in seo

Pigeon seo google algorithm

Pigeon algorithm analyzes local search in seo issue. Users seek in search engine for resolving their demand and sometimes in searching affair, the location is a significant metric for users to find the nearest service providers in regard of your location. Pigeon algorithm play a role in sorting the list of web sites in regard of the location and sort them which make a significant conversion in result pages.

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