Seo and canonical url

Seo and canonical url

Sometimes in your website, you face to pages that have different urls but the same content. So in this situation your content encounter to being copy. For solving this issue, canonical url rel is being used. So when your webpage is being indexed in specific content, by using canonical tag you declare seach engine to not index again this content by others urls.

Rel canonical in seo


Every page should have exclusive content so when search engine encounter to web pages with the same content, it can be mentioned as an error. Rel canonical solve this issue by inserting to your source code. In the below line we express an example of using canonical rel:

How add canonical rel in seo

seo rel canonical

By mentioning the importance of canonical rel, it can be a question, how add canonical rel to your webpages? In wordpress cms , canonical rel will be add automatically so no need for any action. In joomla cms,you need to install canonical plugin which lead to inserting canonical rel to every pages. Especially in different version of joomla, there are some bugs in configuration, which lead to produce web pages automatically in the same content but in dissimilar urls. webmaster doesn’t inform about this pages but Google and others search engines, access to this pages by crawling into the site.


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