Black hat seo

Black hat seo

In seo articles you may encounter to black hat seo and white hat seo. Black hat seo contains of tactics that trick google and other search engines in order to manipulate ranking result. Black hat seo maybe result in a short time but in long time can lead to peril or even being penalty.

Back hat seo tactics

seo black hat

Black hot seo perform some tactics to trick search engine in order to achieve higher ranking in result. In the following we refer to some black hat tactics. Any tactics that not be permitted by search engine but is being used as a way of improving rankings.

Supplying back link by buying, is one of black hat seo tactic that can shows positive result in short term. Using key words as an anchor text in backlink can increase your site authority.

Hidden texts that can’t be seen by user but search engine can read in sources. Noscript and noframe tags can hide some part of text in browser.

Keyword stuffing which means over using and repeating key words in order to express more relation, announce as a black hat seo tactic.

Gateway is being designed for search engines in regard to navigate them to fake page with appropriate content. Nowadays search engines become more and more intelligent and can find this gateway and eventually announce site as a spam.


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