Seo professional words

Seo professional words

Do you want to start seo procedure but many sophisticated articles in seo field have confused you cause of Complex words! So not be disappointed. In this article we plan to illustrate professional words and intricate vocabulary in seo process. If you want to get more detail about any words that been mentioned here, you can refer to the related article on that seo topic.

Redirect 301 in seo

 redirect 301 is a way for forwarding visitors of one page to specific page. When you change the address of one page, then you can use redirect 301 for guiding visitors to new address and in one sentence, you redirect your visitors to other web page.

Alt tag for images in seo

by using alt tag, you can illustrate the concept of your images to search engines. Search engines can’t view the images as human see. So search engines need a tool to inform them about the notion of images. Alt tag play this role to apprise search engines.

Anchor text in seo

The actual text of backlink announce as an anchor text. If anchor text matches with your key word, then you have much more chance and opportunity for getting higher rank.

Blog in seo

seo content

Blog in seo is a section of your website that is being updated by published articles. Every post in your blog is a new page that can be seen by search engines. Content marketing is a process of publishing article in blog section and share them in other web pages in order to get more traffic.

Heading in seo

Heading tags have much influence in seo procedure. Search engine can’t observe which part is paragraph and which sentences are title and topic of article cause search engines can review source page . So for this purpose you need some tags for determining titles and heading. Heading tags are varied from h1 to h10. H1 shows the main topic of your article and for internal headline you can use h2 to h10.


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