Types of redirect in seo

Types of redirect in seo

Redirect means navigate your site visitors to other urls and web pages. For many different reason user may observe another web pages actually redirect to other webpages. Various types of redirect will be accessible to perform this action. In the following paragraphs mentioned as a list.

Redirect 301 in seo

seo redirect 301

Redirect 301 known as a permanently redirect which means redirect your content to another page. This contains of all characteristic, qualities, page authority and seo. So by redirect301 even the site ranking and traffic transfer to new webpage. In search result your previous pages is being omitted and new web pages in new domain pace in search result.

Redirect 302 in seo

Redirect 302 known as temporary redirect, means you transfer your content to another site pro tempore and in the near future the previous url will replace. This type of redirect hasn’t any usage in seo field.

404 error in seo

404error occurs when visitors refer to your site and face to inaccessible web page.This pages announce as a dead pages which make user tired. In seo specialist or seo workers don’t take any action for correcting these pages then as a result they spoil seo and optimizing site. For repairing this problem, you can redirect your visitors to page 404 In all pages that not be found or being deleted.

Redirect 401 and 403 in seo

Other types of redirect like redirect 401 and redirect 403 can be destructive in seo. Redirect 401 known as a unauthorized and redirect 403 known as a forbidden. Sometimes broken links can lead to this types of errors.


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