Penguin algorithm in seo

Penguin algorithm in seo

Penguin algorithm analyze the backlink statement contains of analysis about link intensity, referred domain, ip number and other information. Google poses trust as a metric in its algorithm which create distinction among sites.

Effect of penguin algorithm in seo


penguin google aolgorithm

Penguin algorithm account backlink received from other domains and focus on various metrics which distinct backlinks influence. There is a one main point; Google doesn’t concentrate on the amount of and density of backlinks, in contrary the quality of back link and catching back link from various domains, can impress intensively. Accumulating back link in a short time and also in large amount can have negative effect in seo and site optimization. In one sentence back link mentioned as an external supporter. Stronger supporter can reinforce your vigor and trust extremely much.

Tips in penguin algorithm in seo

As we mentioned penguin algorithm analyzes back link. There are some points and notes calculated in penguin algorithm which listed below:

Try to gather backlink from more and more domain.

Never stopping your link building

Collecting backlink from more related website

Pay attention to the anchor text being matched to your keywords

Focus on back link quality instead of back link quantity

Accumulate thousands of hundred backlink in very short time put your site in danger

Collecting backlink in a continuous process

Provide back link from different types

Gather back link in a format of follow and no follow

Building back link in various anchor text

Don’t buy backlink or create back link temporary

Don’t add your link in spam sites and not trusted sites

Don’t put your backlink in site with duplicated content


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