Panda algorithm and seo

Panda algorithm and seo



Google panda algorithm focus on analyze the quality of your content. As the most site owners know, duplicate content has the most negative factors in seo site which not only can attribute negative rating, but also can lead to being penalized.


Panda algorithm in seo



Google in updating panda algorithm, determine different metrics in the following of content optimization. Panda 4.2 is the latest updated version, which placed the content quality as a criterion. By regarding some parameters in panda algorithm, you can have positive effect in seo.


Panda algorithm and content in seo


seo panda google algorithm

As a first level in panda algorithm performance, you should check your content to not being duplicated. Unique topics which stand the latest topic in your business field can attribute high rank of trust to your site. Of course other items will be exist, for example placing key words in content and key words density announce as a most effective element. Content plays a specific role in seo but keep it on your mind that not each content can have a high influence in seo process. Content strategy is a concept that support your content by using key words and also the main topic is better to include your keywords.







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